Babar Hair Turns One!

Babar Hair Turns One!

Hello sunshine!

After a long, cold winter we are happy to see the back of Melbourne’s rainy days and bitterly cold mornings. Oh yes, we are pretty pumped that spring is here and I’ve already begun my daily campaign of replenishing my Vitamin D levels by settling into the shopfront window to catch the rays that shine in during the day (it’s a hard job but some feline has got to do it).

Babar (and Betty) celebrate birthdays

October is also a month to celebrate with some double birthday action going downlater on in the month. It’s officially been one year since the birth of Babar Hair (hurrah) and we can’t quite believe we’ve been trading for a year. It’s also my fourth birthday, which I intend to spend lazing about in the front window or hopefully receiving an avalanche of cuddles from Babar Hair clients.

A few new additions

The past few months have been rather hectic, so we’ve extended the salon bench and added another cutting chair and a third basin (thanks to the wicked skills of Papa Googs)! This means that we can accommodate more people in the salon without things getting too squishy. Also,

Papa Googs making magic happen

Papa Googs making magic happen

friend and former work colleague Andrew has joined the team and while he’s not too keen on me, he loves giving his clients the hair of their dreams, and that’s what matters (I suppose).

Silly season

It appears that everyone’s come down with a touch of ‘Spring Fever’ with some brilliant, new cuts and fresh, vibrant colours walking out the door. Since it is spring racing and wedding season, it’s getting busier and busier, so please book yourself in well ahead if you’re getting ready for an event. Same goes for Christmas time. If you want to launch a personal shock and awe campaign on your co-workers at this year’s work Christmas party, then you’ll need next-level hair, which the Babar Team would love to help you with.

You can make a booking by calling us on (03) 9078 1373

Until next time,

Betty the salon cat xx

Me... being fabulous

Me… being fabulous as usual

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