Betty Boo’s fame grows (again)

Betty Boo’s fame grows (again)

It’s been a few months since I’ve last blogged but you’ll have to forgive me as I’ve been incredibly busy with media commitments – such is life when you’re an internet-famous feline.

Having already been profiled by Time Out, Pop Sugar, Mashable, Love Meow and a Japanese television show, my star has continued to rise with a double page spread in UK magazine Your Catbetty and mag

Now that I’ve featured in print, TV, web and social media, my Instagram follower count continues to rise as the days go by. I’m now up to 6700 followers and counting, so get on board by following me (I’m @bettyboo_thesaloncat).

My mum even bought me a fetching, new bow tie so I’ll be ready for my next media appearance!

But apparently it’s not all about me and there are lots of other interesting things happening at the salon. Things like sustainability initiatives, new product ranges and holidays.

Sustainable Salons

Now in our second year of participating in the Sustainable Salons program, we’re continuing to do our bit to fight the war on waste (I do my bit by never leaving my food bowl empty).

When you add it all up, hair salons produce a fair amount of waste (hair, foil, plastic bottles, razors and other tools). If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all the waste that Babar Hair produces, you’ll be pleased to know that we recycle up to 95% of waste produced at the salon. image2

Sustainable Salons collect the waste and ensure it stays out of landfill. Hair clippings are used to mop up oil spills along the coast, ponytails are donated to charities that make wigs for cancer patients and aluminium foil is recycled to be used once again.

Low impact, vegan hair care

Realising that many of our clients are interested in using low impact, environmentally-friendly products, we’re now also stocking a new hair care range with serious green credentials.

NEUMA is a plant-based hair care range that is vegan and PETA-approved. Containing certified organic extracts and zero synthetic fragrance, NEUMA delivers incredible results while lessening impacts on the planet. If you want to know more about NEUMA products, ask us next time you’re in the salon.

Staff Holidays

babar hair care

While I love humans, I really don’t understand their mysterious ways and holidays are a concept that I just can’t comprehend. I mean, call me lazy but why would anyone want to go anywhere when they’ve got a warm, comfy bed at home?

Regardless of my advice to stay at the salon and hang with me, all Babar staff are taking a month off each for a mid-year break. Chris is particularly excited to be heading to Russia for the World Cup. So if you want to nab an appointment with your favourite stylist, be sure to book in before they disappear for a month of holiday bliss. They won’t all be gone at the same time though, so the salon will be business as usual all through winter.

Rest assured your favourite salon cat will be in residence for the whole of winter, so I’ll be on hand to warm your lap and provide light entertainment when I’m not lounging around in the front window or hiding in bed.

Want to make an appointment or profess your undying love for me? Call Chris and the team on (03) 9078 1373.

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