Spring salon update

Spring salon update

How is it already September? It’s been a hard, long winter of client lap-warming for me, so I’m happy to see spring arrive as that signals more sunshine for me to soak up in the front window.

Here’s the latest salon news:

Chris is back, David is away and Fotini is returning with more hours

I find it hard to believe but Chris officially had the best time ever without me in Russia, Albania, and Montenegro. While not nearly as famous as me, she did have her own brush with fame, with many clients spotting her in the World Cup television coverage. Chris BB

Now that Chris is back in the salon, the holiday relay continues with David taking the baton and heading to Canada, London and Thailand until mid-September. Meanwhile, Fotini is closing in on her studies so expect her back on the floor with more appointments available soon.

Save the date for our fundraiser

On a more serious note, many people aren’t aware that 2000 babies are born still each year in Australia. That’s why we’re hosting a fundraising afternoon tea in support of Still Aware on Sunday 14 October. The salon will be putting on food, drinks and a raffle, so book your spot here. If you can’t come but you’re a bit of a legend and want to donate anyway, please contribute here: https://give.everydayhero.com/au/babar-hair-still-aware-fundrasier

Sustainable Salons for the win

I do my bit to reduce food waste by never leaving food in my bowl, but the salon also does a great job of being sustainable. It’s been nearly a year and a half since Babar joined Sustainable Salons and we recently received a certificate that shows how much waste we’ve diverted from landfill. I also featured in Green Chair mag as the number 1 Sustainable buypropeciaonline.org Salons pet. Yep, that’s me. I’m numero uno – don’t ever forget it! Betty and SS

Say hello to Steve

Our neighbour salon and good friends Koca Lane may have recently left the ‘hood, but the good news is that Steve will continue working for himself from the Babar salon. Appointments can be made directly with Steve. Just phone:  0449 771 353

End of year madness

I don’t want to alarm you, but December is just around the corner and our appointment book is already looking pretty busy (eeeeek!). If you’re keen on looking lit for your office Christmas party or family catch up, then book in now to score yourself a coveted December appointment. Future you will thank you for being so organised!

Call (03) 9078 1373 and one of my human assistants who will book you in for new hair, with a side serve of Betty loving if you’re into it.

With love from your favourite feline friend, Betty xx

Betty green chair



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